Art Commission Request! *CLOSED*

Hi to all the artists out here on episode! I’m currently looking for someone to create my first ever cover. Please leave an example of your work below and I’ll get in touch with you about pricing. :dizzy:


Some parts of those pictures look taken from the portal…

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but its for epsiode
Im confused

Here are a few examples. I’m quite new to this so I don’t have many.
And I’ll work around your suggested price as I don’t have specific ones.



Here is a current WIP


You can’t charge if you use assets from Episode.

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okay sorry


thank you

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If you look closely at the backgrounds there are small alterations. Technically it’s original due to them.
She can charge, I see many charging Artists do this. It’s normally on request.

You still have styles that aren’t episode so I guess those would be fine :ok_hand:t2:


Your right. They would be, she can charge.

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oh okay so i will just get right of the ones with episode in them

You don’t have to. You can charge with them, loads of charging Artists do it all the time.

By the way. Your art is amazing, you should be always charging.

You can’t charge if you use assets from Episode.

I can change hair styles, clothing colors, but it is illegalto sell it, since it isn’t yours. You’re selling stuff that isn’t yours.

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Listen im so confused because those are technically episode characters as well as episode clothing?
so I cant charge at all?

If you draw ALL of it by hand, it’s fine.

If you trace it or use items from the portal or poses that aren’t yours, then it’s illegal.

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You drew it, you can. If you were to add a few small alterations to the backgrounds they would also count as original so you could charge. Many people charge and don’t even change anything

If they do it, that is illegal.

Call them out.


well then none of them are okay…
because every one of them has something episode related or not mine
like the titles I didn’t make those I got them from Da Font

If the fonts can be used for comercial use, they’re fine.

That part is pretty easy to overcome.

No, no, no. You drew it!
It’s your work, if you get the backgrounds of some off pexels or something it’s not illegal as they are royalty free websites. Sometimes you can find episode backgrounds on them too, that’s how most get away with it.