Art Commissions Affordable

Anyone can suggest me someone who does affordable art commission. I cant pay through paypal isn’t there any other way of paying?
Please let me know


You can check royalty-free sites instead without having to pay money

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@dishsoap has very cheap prices for very nice cartoon/semi-realistic art! (Oh wait–I think she only accepts PayPal, I may be wrong?)

2 Likes has amazing and affordable commissions but she accepts payments on Paypal :((

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Do u know her insta id

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I do paypal cashapp and venmo haha, you’re all good ◡̈


what is ur price range? I’m an artist myself. Also how many characters?

My commissions are open :slight_smile:
I take payments through kofi (which takes Apple Pay and credit card) as well as PayPal and cash app

Price list

Bust up £10
Head-hips £15
Head-knees £18
Full body £20

1-2 week delivery
4 day delivery extra £5
Extra people £7
Detailed drawn background £5

For more details either pm me on here or on Instagram @/caitlin_epi (more active on ig) :))

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Oh oops. Well then there’s your answer @WitheredRoses :joy:

I’m starting commissions for the first time and they are extremely cheap and affordable for everyone, I ONLY use Cash app my art starts at $2 just for a simple portrait
If you want to commission from me make sure to follow my Instagram @shaday.writes or pm me so we can discuss your commission! (I hope you choose :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)
More rules below


After 5 purchases from me you get a 5% discount After your 10th purchase from me you get a 10% discount, after all of the times you have ever commissionsed from me I will always check the amount you spent on me and if it’s $100 (USD) you will get a 75% discount and if it’s $500 you get an 80% off it’s not temporary with 5 free arts of your choice! The more you work with me the more prizes!


This section will be updated regularly as I have a few wips and some art scenes that I can’t share just yet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: also they are kind of blurred bc I don’t want them stolen! You can check my insta for a clearer pic!


I take payments through ONLY Cashapp

If you want me to start your commission faster come to me prepared, meaning; before you dm or pm me make sure you have you character(s) picture ready, an idea of a background or a SC of one, a posing reference, color scheme, amount of characters, what type of art, etc Just be ready!

If you have a set date you need the art then it’s an extra $5 fee !