ART COMMISSIONS OPEN (professional digital artist)

Bump! :smiley:

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Thank you :heart_eyes:


Np :smiley:

how much for full body?

Everything is on her IG! :heartpulse:

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As said, everything is on my Instagram but if you don’t use it I can send through pm :slight_smile:

Are you still taking requests?

Not requests dear. Paid commissions only :slight_smile:

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alright thank you so much! I don’t right now that’s why

It’s ok, I’ll send through message here

Very stunning how much are for commissions?

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It’s on her Instagram!
(Her Instagram is shown at the top of the post.)


You can find them on my Instagram highlights but if you don’t use the app I can send here. :slight_smile:

Thank you for answering :heart:

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Of course, your art is very beautiful btw. :heartpulse:

That means a lot, thank you :pleading_face:

Hello there!!
Just a quick appearance to tell you that I just opened my first personal online shoppp!! It’s only French shipping tough so, if you know any French people than like small and cute stickers… send them !
Thank you very much and have a wonderful day :heart:

up :heart_eyes: