Art contest! **anyone can enter!❤**


Welcome to my Art contest, I personally believe that there are so much amazing Episode artists that have so much potential, however some aren’t appreciated as much. That’s why I decided to host an art contest, these are the panels you can choose.

  • To become a Judge, you’ll have to comment to get this role.
  • To be an artist, an edit, cover, splash etc.

Being a judge:

You must have time on your hands to judge every art. If you cannot do this, I will understand, however it is at the artist’s best interest and we must respect that they took time to make their art, so we should take time to critique their art. NEGATIVE PEOPLE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!

Being an artist:

You have three to choose from: covers, edits and splashes. YOU CAN ONLY DO ONE OF EACH, ANYMORE IN ANY OTHER CATEGORIES WILL BE DENIED Anyone who chooses to become an artist will be respected and their art will be accepted, but not if it contains the following things:

  • Nudity
  • Racism
  • Discrimination
  • Explicit scenes

We would love it if you could have a main theme for it, for example diversity of anything, art is about expressing yourself, so express yourself!

If you win…

There will be, gold bronze and silver medals (virtually)
:1st_place_medal: Will be featured on my Instagram and in my story.
:2nd_place_medal:Will be featured in my story.
:3rd_place_medal:Will be featured in my story.

Splashes, covers and edits will be three different categories, with three different overall winners in each

Meet the Judges: (No positions left)

Accepted Artists: (You can still enter, however ALL art has to be approved by us)

If you’re part of a group on Episode feel free to let us know, it will not change anything in the process of judging your art. If for any reason we have no listed you in this category please inform us and don’t jump to conclusions.

Any queries don’t hesitate to ask, everyone is free to enter!
DEADLINE IS 15-05-2018, can’t wait to see all the amazing art :smile::heart:

Jayla's Edit Shop! *CLOSED* :kiss:

Ooh this sounds great! I wanna be a judge! Anything to do to get in as a judge?


You’re accepted as a judge, I’ll PM you in the future once arts begins coming in.


Can I put in a cover and splash as an artist?


Of course, can’t wait to see them Chay :hugs:


Can I enter a cover and a splash?



You can enter each of everything


Yes, we can’t wait to see them LivLoveDance7 :smile:


Absolutely loving it DangerousDiva :slight_smile:


Do we post the pictures here or can I pm you?


You can do whatever, I don’t mind :blush:


When do we have to submit by??


Nope, I wanted it to be simple, just post it here, or PM me your art :slight_smile: All will be accepted unless it goes against rules :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Okay thanks!


Anytime before 15-05-18 (the deadline) :blush:


Just saw that… sorry for the stupid question when it was in the topic


It’s fine, it happens to the best of us :smile:


@BLUE2109 @episode.anisha You guys have to enter!! You’re so talented!!

Sorry if I missed anyone else lol. If you’re in Episode Royalty, you should know how bad by memory is! :woman_facepalming:t3:

@Episode-Royalty Queens! :joy::joy:



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