Art contest! **anyone can enter!❤**


Well, let’s just agree to disagree on that :smile:
This takes away the attention from the winners!


Congrats everyone :slight_smile::tada:

Although I must say, I do kind of agree with @jassie12dw on her premise - It may have been better to judge entries collectively for the category they were entered into as appose to separately.

Nonetheless, well done everyone :heart:


Congrats on winning the edit category! I loved your edits and think you are the deserved winner! I am a little disappointed I didn’t win any podium place, but I am happy for all the winners!


Yes I do see why it seems unfair, and well done! :smile:


Believe me when I say one of your edits was very close :smile:


Thank you :slight_smile: Maybe you’ll win the next contest! (Whenever that is).


Not if you participate! :joy: Cause your art is like perfect!


It’s far from perfect but thank you! :joy: I don’t have time to draw edits as much anymore, my story takes up too much of my time now.


um… can I get some feedback on my art?? :sweat_smile:


Hi. Thank you for taking the time to judge all these amazing entries. Can we get some feedback on our entries please? :blush:

And, congratulations to the winners & well done everyone for entering! :heart:

~ Winter :snowflake:


Could you please PM me :slight_smile: I don’t want this topic to be cluttered :smile:


Thank you, and we loved your art, could you please PM me otherwise this topic would be cluttered.


Hey guys, if you are wanting to enter another art contest go check out Jasmijn's Art Contest


I entered some


Some of us aren’t in ES anymore
I’m still in btw