Art contest... check it out..I’m good

Hi guys, I’m golden so I am doing an art contest the rules are very simple

  1. Subscribe my utube channel :point_down:t2:
  2. Tag me here on the forums when ur done

:small_orange_diamond:Use these posses, u can modify them but not too much
(I did not make these and credit is given)
The first one is from (digital photography school) and the second one is from (

:small_orange_diamond: It should be summer themed
:small_orange_diamond: Deadline is 18th of July 2020
:small_orange_diamond: there will be three 3 winners
1st winner : 2 characters cover it can be large or small full body
2nd winner: 2 characters cover waist length large or small
3rd winner: 1 character cover or pfp

If u have any questions plz let me know
I will announce the winners here