Art contest for anyone-everyone just come right in the game to win it

The contest ends on June 20,2018 (12:30pm) if you have a different time zone look up Memphis, TN time zone

Rules for this contest
~it can have edits in it if you want

~ 1 place
Art work gets put into my story and/or Instagram or Facebook by @Miss_LK or @SilverStar , gets shout in my story and shout out on Instagram by @Miss_LK or @SilverStar :trophy:
~2 place gets mention in my story
And art work gets showed in my story or @Miss_LK or @SilverStar Instagram🎖️
~3rd place gets a shout out in my story🎉

Manager- obviously @BriannaW
Comanagers- @Miss_LK and @SilverStar
President if @Episodestudio and my helper- @ChayChay

Don’t feel life out because if your covers are amazing I’m have my co managers @Miss_LK or @SilverStar post your covers on Instagram or Facebook or I will have my helper @ChayChay she is awesome the president of @EpisodeStudio

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So you just post the stuff you did? Please take a look at my art story thread with my work! I swear it’s good!

Yes you post a cover or splash with or without edits here

Where is your story thread?

So I need to post? Here’s the link to my art story thread:

Yes you can post only covers , splashes , and or edits

For any story we’ve written or for a specific story prompt you’ll give us? You mentioned the winning art is featured in your story- is that just for the splash/edit category?

Here are some Wattpad covers and everything, really :joy::

And much more… (the authors are not comfortable sharing). I know know how to cut characters, make splashes, make your backgrounds, even make overlays alone or either cut it from a picture or background. You can request any of thos but before you do, check out my splashes, backgrounds, and even overlays (to be honest, not all overlays are mine, I collected them from various other sources):

I just learned how to make them today so go easy on me, people!

This background is only one panel which means it’s the only zone.

This background, however, has two panels (two zones). The rest of the current backgrounds I have are personal requests that have been requested like this one (I made that one up).

I didn’t put any citations or my name on the art, but please don’t forget to cite me.

I can even do your profile picture to be just like mine or if you want to put any special art into it. Like:


Here, I made an overlay of this background:


And it turned out like this:


To be honest, I didn’t really work on that overlay lots but I hope you like it, please cite me “Briar Rose”.


Yes splashes are going to be mention in my story and if you do both your cover will be posted by my co managers on hier Facebook or Instagram and your splash in my story

Good job I love the covers and splashes and backgrounds

a few cover submissions :slight_smile:



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These are really beautiful!

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Can I join? :thinking:

Hi this is a cover that I made recently for my upcoming story!

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Just to clarify we can post edits?

Yes you are my co manager so you help me find the winners

Yes @Mystery.Author

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