Art Contest On Insta and Forums


Joining :heartbeat:


Thanks for joining :revolving_hearts:


I meased up on the lip :joy:


I mess up my lips sometimes too. It’s beautiful :heart_eyes:


Thank you. I entered it on instagram too :blush:


Password: 300
Also idk which category I would go to, so could you make the decision? (I feel like I’d go into the amateur category)


I’ll put you in amateur. Beautiful entry!


If I could draw worth a damn, I would totally enter your contest! So, instead I’ll be rooting y’all on from the sidelines. :rofl:


I can’t draw that well too so I know the struggle. You can still use one of my outlines if you want.


Those outlines are fire!! :heart_eyes:


Thank you :revolving_hearts:


Thanks for tagging me @lanafrazer_episode. I’ll see if I get some time to join.




Heyyyy :joy:

is it ok to enter these 2? I know i didnt do them for the contest but i really like these ones 😂❤


Of course lol.


Thanks :joy::heart:


Oh and idk which id come under, amateur or advanced :joy:


Advanced for sure. :two_hearts:


Bump :two_hearts: