Art Cover-Background with Overlay


Hello. I am looking for someone who could make some art covers as well as some backgrounds with overlays ASAP please. I will give credit in the beginning of my story and at the end. Thanks so much.
All help is appreciated.


I would recommend:

They are all AMAZING artists!!


So a splash? Or a cover?




Thx for the tag! (But I’m taking a break from art)


I can do cover


Thanks :slight_smile:


Yes I can do it if you need it.


Thank you for recommending me @Lunar_Rose!

I could help @MissReRe! Just send me the deetails.


I can do the overlays


whoa now… I am amazing? I still need to improve more but thanksssss


Thank you so much!


Would you like some examples?


I have examples if you need some


A splash would be great.


and @_Nasia examples would be great!


K cool. Here is some examples.
Well these are all edits but they are all I have rn.


These are the ones I have right now I’m on my phone as on right now


I love them both.
Would you be able to do one like the girl in the top one but, with a guy in the background? He’s going to be her crazy ex.
Story Description:
Pregnant by a guy you loved but, what happens when he cheats on you and goes back to Texas?
Will you move on completely or will he kill you first?


Okay sure.