Art Cover-Background with Overlay


Do you want anything from me to be done? is anyone doing your cover for you?


I would like a nice book cover for my book :
The Ultimate Betrayal

Story Description:
Pregnant by a guy you loved but, what happens when he cheats on you and goes back to Texas?
Will you move on completely or will he kill you first?

Whatever spin you would like to put on the book cover is fine with me.


Send me the character detail, their outfit and what background you want.
How you would like them to be standing


The MC Sante is pregnant by her CRAZY ex Aj so as long as she has a belly you can dress her as you want to but, right now is wearing the pink maternity shirt with white polka dots. The guy Aj dress him in whatever you like.
I would like the MC to be facing with her back turned from the guy and the guy can be behind her with an angry expression or something. I tried to send a message but, I’ve reached my limit for the day by me being a new user.



Let me know what I missed and the background can be a club scene @Miss.Fatima_Z


I meant the actual character details, can you give me the list of how you made/ edited that character. Please. This may take a couple of days as I am busy with other requests should take 1-2 week max
Is there any other hair style i could use for the girl because I still am unable to do the hairstyle. Can choose any except beach wave and the current hairstyle on the picture


Yes, I’m so sorry.
Hairstyle: Diva Curls
Skin Color: Umber
Lips: Blossom Lips
Lip color: Bordeaux
Hair color: Fawn
Brows: Seductive Arch
Eye: Sloping Classic
Eye color: Blue
Nose: Grecian
Face: Oval
Hair: Long Braids
Skin Color: Dark
Hair Color: Chestnut
Face: Diamond
Lips: Uneven
Lip color: Mocha
Eye: Gentle Almond
Eye Color: Green
Brows: Thick Arch
Nose: Bull

Thanks so much.


No worries


Okay np


Does the guy have any other hair style because I can’t do long braids


You can give him a fade or high top fade?


Sure! Hopefully you like the cover


I’m sure I will :blush:


What’s should the cover Say?


Your Cover:
Don’t forget to credit me on insta @episode.fatima_z or on forums @Miss.Fatima_Z


I love it. I will surely credit you.
Your awesome.