Art cover facial features need help

Hey guys. So I made an art piece but I cannot for the life of me make facial features. I was wondering if I can have help. I need them done ASAP.

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What do ya need?

just eyes/eyebrows, mouth, and nose on three characters i made

I will also credit you in it

:sweat_smile: could you help me understand what you want?

Like drawn?

I am using Adobe Illustrator.

I use ibixpaintX

I can transfer as a jpeg for you and or PDF and if you can help you can just go over it


this is what i have. tell me what you think

idk why it turned out blurry

here’s a better one


It actually looks quite cool without the facial features

My sister in law said the same thing. But idk yet

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Oh shizzz i dont do LL sowwwyyyy

It doesn’t really need to be ll

I only draw in ink lmao


Well hopefully I don’t butcher this drawing with my facial features lmao