Art Cover for Story!



I’m in need of a art cover for my story called ‘Different’ if you could help me that would be great! :slight_smile:


Can I try?


And what characters, backgrounds do u need?


I would like to have this as the background


With this character with this animation 25%20pm


Where she is kind of holding the four elements :slight_smile: If you want me to send a picture of the elements then let me know :kissing_closed_eyes:

This is her character settings


Yeah. I’ll need the four elements.


Okay give me two seconds and I’ll find them




Here is the five elements, I know I said four before but I meant to say five :smile:


Two more questions.
Do u want the whole character or just half?
What size is it?


Size 420x580

I would like to just have half of the character :blush:

Thank you!!!




A few more minutes then it’s done. :laughing:


I’m Done


yay how does it look?


I like it so much I want to use it myself :heart_eyes::joy:


I love it!! Thank you so much!!!


Can I use the background or the elements if I need it?