Art cover(FREE)and coding advice

Hi, I am about to start my new episode story and I do not know how to make a cover. Is there anyone who knows how to make a more realistic art cover(so i can try)or know anybody who does make art covers for FREE. There is a girl on insta called episode.yves who has an amazing story called ‘bad influence’ and the artwork is amazing. (Artwork is on there, go check it out :wink:)She gave me the link to someone who did the art for her but sadly you have to pay :cry: which I’m not surprised because it’s amazing! But no one tells you how to do it so realistic​:weary: like is it drawn then edited? also does anyone have any advice on how to make coding easier? I’m really struggling with it and kinda giving up.

realistic art like youre talking about is drawn not edited, people arent allowed to charge for edited work. Art like that is hard to come by for free, so its unlikely youll get smth like that for free. there are loads of artists on here who do free art though, i can recommend some. As for coding, id recommend joseph evans tutorials on youtube, and dara amaries website.

Some groups on instagram offer free art requests, you can maybe a have a look and see if you can get one from one of them? :slight_smile:

Do they not use an app to edit the drawing after though? That would be great if you could give me some recommendations! And I’ll check Joseph evans out :relieved: thank you!

Hi, I’ll try and find some and try to message them!

It’s not necessary to edit your drawing, you can just shove some text on it in any app.
Here are some shops:


Thank you so much! :heart:

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If you need coding help, feel free to DM me any specific questions.

Ohh thank you Willow for suggesting my shop :pleading_face: :face_holding_back_tears:

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Thank you!

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