Art cover help (credit ofc) please help!

Hi everybody I could really used help with a drawn cover!:hearts:
Here are the deets:




BIG THANKS TO AYONE WHO CAN DO THIS!!:hearts::hearts::hearts:
Extra note:i would love to have the charcters in either zone1 or 2.

If you want a high quality drawn cover I recommend asking for a commission on Instagram.
If you want a drawn cover.
@Jayl Edit cover
Sorry if I called anyone who don’t want a part


What do you mean by ask commission?:sweat_smile:

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To pay someone money to make better art than anyone on the forums. And I mean it when I say better.

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Oh sorry I was kinda looking for something free.:sweat_smile:
Do you know anyone who can do it for free?:disappointed_relieved:

I already tagged people who can do it for free. If they respond yes they will do it. I can also do it if no one else wants to.

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Do you have an art thread?

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I recommend going to these threads. All of them work.

Artistic Angels
Episode Delights
Epi Babes
Epi skylight
Honeybee thread

Thanks a lot!:hearts:

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Your welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Your work is AMAZING believe me,
but sadly i’m still looking for something free.:sweat_smile:
Thx anyways.:kissing_heart:

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Its ok lol.:joy:

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Hi! @episode.iv makes awesome edits,covers,etc… for free. Just contact her :grin:

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In the pms?

Instagram :two_hearts:

Is this it?

Oh no, it was episodel.iv .

Oh ok thax.

Oh her requests are closed thx anyways.:hearts:

You could just tell her, “Hey, I know your requests are closed but could I request one when your done?” She’ll add you on her list and believe me she finishes it fast :blush::heavy_heart_exclamation: