Art cover help!

I am going to be writing a new story Called The Rockstar nerd! I am exited and I need a cover
Do what ever comes to mind that has to do with a rockstar nerd!
And I would like ideas for the Main Character! ( I would prefer it to be a girl but whatever)
So make you cover be what you want to character to look like and I will make that character the main character. Anyway pls help!!!

I can do it but requests goes here

I can do it. DM me the info.

May I see an example?!

Could I see an example of you art work please?!

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Could you pls?
I made an idea of what my MC looks like.

Just put it on the thread and I will do my best

I want the cover to have the MC up on stage but with a nerdy look of course and a lot of people around her!

The MC looks like this

Skin: gold 03
Eyebrow: Arched Natural scar ( black jet)
Hair; short wavy side shave ( black jet)
Eyes: beep set Downturned ( dark brown)
Face shape : heart soft
Nose: round button upturned
Lips: full heart pouty ( rose Matt)
Extra: freckles heavy (04-07)
( If you can put glasses on her pls)

Give me a few day, do you want draw. Or edited?



Edit pls!

Oka, I wanted to make sure. Do you want any specific pose.

Maybe have her winking :wink:

This is what I got

Don’t forget to give me credit

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