Art Cover INK. & LL

Hey I’m hoping somebody could make a cover for my story, I am writing it in Ink and in Limelight. I have made some temporary covers for my story, but I’m not that good with making covers yet.

My story is in the genre Action, i would like for the charecter to pose with a sniper/gun/knife in her hand. The character has a scar across her face.
The name of the story is Assassin At Heart and the author name is Wolf Chaser.

Character details:

gender: Female
skin tone: Neutral 04
eyebrow: Arched Natural Scar, color: dark black
hair: long feathered, color: dark black
eyes: deepset almond, color: ice blue
face shape: diamond
nose: defined natural
lips: full heart pouty, color: pum matte
tatoo: tribal sleeve tattoo

gender: Female
skin tone: tan
eyebrow: seductive arch
hair: beach wave, color: black
eyes: upturned feline, color: blue
face shape: soft heart
nose: upturned
lips: full round, color: crimson
(I would like for her to have tattoos)

You should include some more details, like what you want the cover to look like. :slight_smile:

I would love to make for u a cover !
but first is it drawn?

I wasn’t sure if someone would actually reply so i didn’t include much details yet.

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preferably, yes. But if it isn’t drawn it’s also oké.

if nobody else has done it, me and my art buddy @Txlx_star will do it.:heartbeat:
Welcome to the XOXOXO&TEE art shop! {free and fast} {open for requests}


Nobody else has done it and i am so greatful that you want to do it! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::kissing_heart:

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Do I need to click the link on your reply or not? (I know it’s a bit late :sweat_smile:)

You can still request by just clicking on the link which will take you to me and my partner @Txlx_star
Thread for art.:hearts:

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