ART - cover making!


My dear friend is making my chapter covers and all covers in general, she is working on some special scenes too. She is happy to help you guys with covers if you want her too, she agreed to do so to help me promote my stories :slight_smile:

I’ve got four stories published, 3 completed :slight_smile:

RETURNS: - - currently working on season 2

I can offer you read for read if you want to.
The only thing is she is drawing in her own style, it’s not super realistic, but I adore her work to be honest. She already made me 24 chapter covers.
If you’d like her to help you- let me know in a comments!
*** Love swing is my first story- so I’m warning in advance that there’s a lot of mistakes, with kissing and hugging, I didn’t know how to use layers, zones, zooms - it’s really basic, but the story might interest you.
Foolish games and All about Sharon are more advanced,
there’s 12 chapters in Returns, which includes art work, good zooming and speechbubbles are on point. (That was a learning process). :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in a cover or RforR - let me know,
pick one of my stories and take a screenshot - I’m only asking for 5 reads for a cover- if you like the story- great! If not- sorry, but after 5 reads and a screenshot of a scene from episode 5 from any of the stories- you’ll have your cover ! :slight_smile:
email me on with all the details about how you’d like your cover.
More details the better!!
My friend would need a tittle- of course, all the writting U want on a cover (like - author name etc.)
Send me screens of your characters too or a picture - like in case of my covers - They are all based on real person. So my friend is using pictures and doing them justice in photoshop! :slight_smile:


May someone please make me a special art scene?
Community art request thread!
Cover Art Needed!

Woah your friend’s work is amazing! Is there any way to get into contact with her to request something.

Special Art Pictures plz :)

You can send me an email and then I’m sending it to her. :wink: you have my email address in main post :wink:


Cool i have a story called heros and I need a cover


email me with details!


Wow, amazing!!
Could I email you for a cover art ? x


sure thing!


How do I go about this, do I just read and then send you a screenshot of the read? :slight_smile:


Yeah, after screenshots and with all the details about your cover it should be about two days for your cover.


Sweet! thanks :slight_smile:


I want a picture for my background of one of my episodes

Where she is looking through the peephole to see emerald eyes staring at her (so dont add her just a peephole of emerald eyes on the other side.)

and another one of just emerald eyes

for two of my episodes


and i dont mind if you put you name below of the picture for the credit


Hey are you guys still making covers??


yeah :slight_smile:


Would it be possible for your friend to make me a cover please? I only have my phone a laptop and I have no money so photoshop is a no so this is brilliant! Are they free btw xx


Yeah, it’s possible!


is this still open?


Great art your friend is awsome at art