Art cover needed for a new story in LL


I’m looking for an artist who can make me a small and large cover for my story called The Taipan. The story is not published yet so you’ll have all the time you need.

The main character looks like this : 04

Skin color : Gold 04
Eyes : Hazel - Round medium
Brows : dark black - round medium
Hair : bald, hijab red
Face : round soft
Nose : round button
Lips : full heart pouty - red garnet matte

I want her in the middle of the cover (for the small one), and she’s holding a serpent who is resting on her shoulders. I would like hr with make up, eye liner and lips red garnet. The serpent could look like this (link here)

And I see the background as a desert, probably like this

As for the large cover, you can do something in the spirit of the small one but I haven’t decide yet so feel free to let your creativity talk!

I hope you can see what I mean, please feel free to dm me on Instagram (@AFrenchieWrites) if you need more info!

Thank you if you’re wheeling to do it, it means a lot!

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