Art cover needed!

Hey guys! I need an artist who is willing to help me create a nice cover for me! (Digital art yAAAS) :kissing_closed_eyes:
I’ll let you know what you’ll be working with first before you accept my request:

  1. A girl in a coral dress with a tiara decorated with corals (make her look like a queen!)
  2. The girl has ginger red hair and earthy eyes.
  3. The scene should be the waves in half. The example will be in the link below.
    Example of the scene

I can do the title and all by myself and yes I’ll credit you for the amazing art! I’ll be very grateful if you’re willing to help out.
Also, do show me some of your examples work so that I can sample them to see if your style is something similar to what I have in mind. I will not ask you to waste your time on a piece of work that I won’t consider using in the end.

That’s all, and let me know below if you’re interested!

If anyone charges you for it, then don’t pay them, it is against Episode guide lines :blush:

oh is that so, thank you!

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hey i can help make a cover just go to this link


Okay so I’ve been a bit experimenting and if it is not too far away I can add this too:

If you want to request something don’t be afraid to ask! If you don’t want, doesn’t matter it’s your choice!


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