Art/Cover Request for my book!

Hello! I’m Moraj and I’ve been working on my very own episode story called “Wish” and I was wondering if there’s any artists available to make me a cover? I’d immensely appreciate it, I’ve seen such amazing cover art for some stories and I’d love to be part of the amazing-cover-art squad XD


You should try Samantha’s Cover Shop {FREE} OPEN

Hi dear I’m an artist and I would like to help you with your cover :heart:
I only do commissions so my arts are not free but if you are willing to pay a little i can work for you and I promise you I’m very cheap!

Anyway here some of my works so you can see if you like my style and if you are interested let me know

I always improve so your art can be even better

Hey kween! You can request @ :gem: StxrStruck Art :gem: ~ OPEN