Art cover request!

Hi, I am making a new story, and I really need someone to make a art cover for me, I would appreaciate so much, please message me if you can help me out

Thanks :slight_smile:


I can!

I am also making a new story, would you want to make one for me too?!

I’m sure though I do still have to do the ones above.

You can request one through this link.

Then DM me and send me the characters and pose reference. :blush:

How do i direct message you? I am sorry i am new to this

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It’s fine. I can DM you. But you click on the person’s profile picture and then press message.

I’m creating a new story and could really do with a cover if anyone can help that would be great message me if you can



hi! i’d be willing to make you an edited cover (i can’t draw anything rn sorry)
if that’s okay with you, DM me and i’ll give you a form :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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