Art cover requests open

Hey. I can make art scenes and art cover for free.
Please let me know if anyone is interested.
Requirements -
You have to follow my insta-tanya_9221
And promote my story-destined to be together
I will try to complete your art cover within 3 days.
I will take only 2-3 requests per week
This is a glimpse of my work. Untitled28_20200529235408


I have one request

  • style (ink or limelight) ink
  • character details (if you could write the details down not send a picture it’s easier, if not it’s fine x)

  • outfit details :

  • pose idea/

  • genre : crime
  • background/aesthetic : dark background
  • edited or drawn, (consider what artist is best depending on your choice) drawn
  • artist you have chosen : @Noone_epi
  • any other details. : notch eyebrow and lip piercing

I’m following you on insta and promoting you story

I will make your art cover. But you have chosen an artist what it means?

I want artscene if that’s wht ur asking

I will talk further on your insta

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Art scene for @silver_rose.epi



bump idk if your still taking requests :see_no_evil: