Art \\ covers, art scenes, profile pics and clothing edits OPEN



I’m a new editor if anyone wants an edit I do clothing \ full body \ covers \ splashes \ profile pics

  1. Name
  2. Character \ outfit \ pose
  3. When you need it

please credit me in your story\Instagram as I want to be recognised :blush:


Character edits




Art scenes

Thanks loves,
Miss_LK :heart:


Moved to Resources section as that’s where art requests/exchanges live! :v:t2:


Hi!! What so you use to make those beautiful edits?


Hey, your edits look really nice, and was wondering if you could do some for me? :purple_heart:

Name: Bethanyk14 (anniek.episode on Instagram)
Character \ outfit \ pose:


Pose: flirt_wink_forward

When you need it: No more than two weeks, thank you! :slight_smile:


I have windows 10 so i normally just use paint 3D :blush:


sure no problem! :blush: I’ll pm you when it’s done


what would you like me to do edit wise on this picture? any clothing edits?


Nothing in particular! Just do something similar to your examples, please. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Here’s a basic edit tell me if you want me to do anything else! Whats name of your story? I can’t wait to read it :heart:


omg, super good. I recommend joining my edit contest. I’m impressed by your work and think you have a good chance.


aha thanks heaps :blush: I definitely will


Heyy could you make an edit for me? :smile:

With this background:

And this clothes:

Character Details:

And with this pose but then exactly the other side:

I understand if you can’t :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, thank you so much, this is so good! My story is called Gang Affiliated. :blush:


No I should be able to do that :blush: although I probably won’t have it done for about 8 hours as i have school :worried: :v:


thanks :blush: hope to hear from you again :v:


Thank you so much! :smile: Take all the time you need! :heart: My story will be probably published in begin June so it won’t be a problem :joy:


So… can ask a cover photo for a story I just made and I’m new to episode. Pls. I’ll the details of the cover if you agree. Thank you.


*can I


yeah, would you mind if i put it into @EpisdoeStudio or do you want me to do it personally? (there is a chance that it will get done by me in episode studio anyway but lol?


I don’t mind. If the results to the cover is at its best with whatever you use to make the cover beautiful, then use it then. this is not a demand but an encouragement