Art covers for everyone! [ON HOLD]


May you please do a cover art for me? ^~^


can you make me one?


you are hilarious :laughing: :joy: :joy:


I have no requests. Just wanted to say your art is amazing!


Do you do art scenes? Your art’s good enough to, And can you teach me how to do art like you? jk (not really)


only for you :smirk:


At the moment I am not accepting any more requests.


You should change the topic name so that you don’t get anymore requests


Hi! I requested some cover art more than about 2 months ago, and you still didn’t send it to me. I don’t want to be mean, I just want to know if you happened to skip mine or something.


No. My touchpad was nowhere to be found so I couldn’t do much. But I found it today.


Ok, thank you so much!


Hey. I just wanted to ask about the drawing I requested a while back. I never got it. I just wanted to know if you have it or forgotten.


Read the comment I wrote above.



Are you taking in request ?


Maybe later… Contact me on my instagram.


Can everyone who requested please come to my instagram? It is pretty hard to see through these comments… Thanks.


Are you working on my background? I have waited for it for months and months.


As I told you in the message from very above yours, I asked everyone who requested anything from me to contact me on instagram. Also, if you asked for an edit, I don’t do edits. I draw. I don’t take already drawn pieces to edit them.


After you said that you don’t do edits, I told you that you can draw them.