Art Covers for Free (CLOSED) My IG:khushi.editz.. Contact me there

Hello Everyone!
I’ve reopened my thread!
If you want an art cover follow this and fill up the requirements:

Story name.
Number of characters required in your story .
Every character’s screenshots with some expression Read Note below for more info about the pictures
You can also get an art cover which does not contain any character as such but it’ll have the theme of your story ( Special Art covers)
Description of the story.
Background shades if any according to your story if required (NOT COMPULSORY).
Your Instagram account.
1.If you do NOT want a cover then please do not waste my time!
2.You also have to give me credits(i.e if you want me to make a cover for you then you have to write a line like, act cover credits to @khushi.editz (previously : khushi3pisode)
3.Please make sure that the characters you choose are mobile screenshots with light backgrounds like white .
4.Do NOT crop the photos before sending them to me
5.If you’ve already asked some other cover artist then your request gets declined!

Follow me @khushi.editz
I’m gonna write my first story so please read LOST AND FOUND .
Its not published yet :sweat_smile:But I’ll publish it in one month.


Here are some Examples of my previous edits:


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@Ryan sorry to ask this once again but, can you please close this thread!