Art covers? (free)

I make covers but it takes a while so please dw if I don’t get it done right away. Here are the ones I made for myself:

My covers

(you can reply to me in this thread ~ preferably don’t msg because I don’t check them :sweat_smile: ~ and tell me character info and what you want for the cover / a rough idea, colour palette, etc.)

~free btw~ :grin:



Can you please make me a cover?

yeah! just give me info and what you want it to look like


I would like:

Title in the middle: DRUNK ON YOUR LOVE
2 persons:

  • Female: Pregnant, holding her tummy I’ll show you down below!
    - Male: I’ll show you the outfit down below (kissing her belly!)

Background: In a place like red carpet!

If this help:
Description of story: You, an actress who your parents gave up when you were 14. Him a buisness succesful man who never believed in love. What happens when he get you pregnant after one night stand? Will you fall for him or will the baby ruin your career!

Full CC
1 Love interest!


Thank you so much I really appreciate!

My email:


It ok is you can’t. Thanks anyway!

wait, can you give me character info and poses if possible. I don’t do custom poses tho

It ok I don’t need it anymorr thanks!


Hey I’m looking for a free cover for my upcoming limelight story if you could please make one for me?

me i need a cover please<3

I don’t think the creator of this thread does art anymore but I am a artist and I can make a cover for you just pm me.

Here is a wonderful art shop I think you should visit I am one of the artist there: 💕 Simply2basic artsy shop 💕 (FREE & Open) (edited covers, character cards, splashes & much more!)

Here is my example of edited covers:

Could you make a cover for me? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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wow, i’ll check it out!! thankyou :slight_smile:

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Hey are you still making art covers