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Hello guys​:blush:, I’m a new writer and I’m planning out my episode story. I need an artist to help provide me with art scenes till the end​:blue_heart::purple_heart:. It’s a romance and drama story, Let me know if you would be interested and I’ll send you my Instagram. KC​:butterfly:


Hi! Welcome to the Episode community!
If you are looking for free art, it’s going to be a bit hard to find. You are better off looking in an art shop, buying commissions, or getting and edited cover/art scenes. The only ones that might be free are episode style. Realistic and semi-realistic are not going to be free. I’m leaving a list of good art shop down below:
The Toronto Art Shop
The Silvers Art Shop
Epi Meraki’s Art Shop
Faded Solo Art Shop
Vintage Art Shop
Midnight Desire Art Shop
Teen Queens Art Shop
Watermelon Sugar Art Shop
Lost Art Shop
Katherine’s Art Shop

Here are some good commission artists:
@ZamiraArts @Tara3

Hope this helped!


do you know any that do episode art for free?

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@M_H_C_Episode has a list of art shops

When you want you can visit my shop free . The shop is “PINK ROSE :rose:

if u want edited ones then let me know