Art covers needed please

Thank you for clicking on this form! I am looking for an artist to help me with my newest story.

Story idea/summary: It’s sophomore year and everything has been a horrible roller coaster since your mom died in a car crash. But you are so close to graduating, you can not mess up this year. Even though you feel like trash you are getting your life back on track. But life hits a bumpy road when your dad moves to London for a year. You’re all by yourself, or so you thought.

Cover art idea: I was thinking about making it like very digital art. Here’s all. the information about the main character. You can make the cover your own spin because I would love to see what you guys think represents this story thank you.


You could request here from anyone you want :slightly_smiling_face:

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thank you so much!

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You’re welcome!

I could help…

Thank you so much! You can start making it whenever, then just message me when you are finished. Again thank you.

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