Art/Covers please?

Hey! I’ll send the pics to replies, but I’m looking for someone to do special art for me. I need a cover artist and then a special art scene editor. That you so much! My insta is @ari.cris.smith HMU! And reply if you can do this for me and I’ll send you the charaters and what I want! Thanks!

I can do your cover art!

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Thank you!

So, the story is about two guys fighting over a girl. (I know, sounds basic, but I’m adding unique twists.) On the cover I want it to have all three together.

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All right do you want them flirting with the girl?

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Yes, please. :blush:

Can you change the outfit of the blonde guy please? Maybe something edgier?

Do you want me to try to guess what the details of the characters are or do you want to send me it. ( I’m fine with either)

I can send it. :slightly_smiling_face: