Art Covers + Resources!

Hi, I’m Iona and is anyone who is good at art (I have incredibly low standards) willing to design me a cover? We can talk details if I get anyone.
This Topic is for anyone to use for art by the way whether you’re promoting your skills or looking for someone.


Are you meaning drawn or an edited one? Because I can do an edited one! :grin:

Either…I don’t really care. Whichever you’re more comfortable with!


I do drawn art you can come at my thread to request it on this one and tell me details :smile::smile:
Purva's CREATIVE ART SHOP 😍 thank you

If I could have this character (Isabella) in a kind of awkward/shy pose with

This character (Adriana) behind her, faint (she’s dead, like a ghost) and James screen right subtly shy and with the feels for Isabella.

Is that too much? I’ll write out the script code:

@ISABELLA stands screen centre and ISABELLA faces right JAMES stands screen right and JAMES faces left and ADRIANA stands screen left and ADRIANA faces right

Could I possibly have James a bit further away from Isabella than screen right?


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Can you send the details of each character as eyes, ears, nose etc. Of all the characters or send photos of the pose which you told me in request you want with these characters it will be easy​:smile::smile:

I did send an email with pictures of the characters…I’ll send you names of poses? Is that ok?

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Means characters with poses in photo

It will be easy to me to draw​:smile::smile:

Ohhhhhhh that makes a lot more sense, sorry about that :smiley:

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It’s fine :smile::smile:

so Adriana on the far left, faded like a ghost

Isabella left

james far right

Sorry I couldn’t have all of them on one line, is that clear enough?

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and take as much time as you need there’s no rush, but is there an average time this might take? I understand school, work, etc or just anything really :grin:

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Yes of course

Till tomorrow or today at night as it is 8:15 in here so will give in 2 hours after​:smile::smile:

Wow! It’s 16:24 here in England! I’ll leave you alone! :blush:

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I live in india :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

If you still want me to do one, since I do an edited ones, do you know what type of background you want? And the title of the story?