Art covers & scenes

Hello, I’m new to the forums on episode so please bare with me while I try figure this all out! But I’m a digital illustrator and I’d love to create a portfolio of art scenes and art covers for your guys stories. I have my own business off of here and art is my hobby as well as job and I’d love to open a new window of creating for episode.

Feel free to message me, or follow my new insta @episodedigitalart and dm me on there!

I will post any art I do on here so you guys can have a look,

All I ask in return is credit in your stories :relaxed:


You should upload examples here, so people can request of ya(:

I haven’t had any personal requests but I’m currently working on one as we speak to post as an example of a cover… it’ll be posted later today :slightly_smiling_face:


heyy I can’t find u on insta do u have any examples of your art so far?

Hello, my new Instagram is @Stenzo_art

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