Art creator apps?


Hello guys! hope everyone is doing awesome
I have a question regarding art creator apps… is there any app or website you recommend that i can use to create my own art?
For example the story bad royals uses so some awesome pictures that they created
And i want to be able to do that myself
Please send me the app, website names


Ibis paint x


Ibis Paint X is a good app.




Ibis Paint!

But if you can pay for procreate!

I suggest Ibis Paint so you can get expirrence and if you like it, buy procreate.


I use Ibis Paint X and love it.
(Still working on my background. ) But I did this one it, its a pretty easy app to use.


Also why I love ibis paint

You can make art like this!


It can depend on what you’re using to create digital art! For example, if it’s your laptop, I don’t really have any suggestions because that isn’t what I personally use. If you’re looking for drawing apps you could use on something like an iPad, I do have a few to recommend.

For free, two of the better ones I’ve encountered is:

  • Autodesk Sketchbook - definitely the best of the two. It’s functional, fairly intuitive, and has a good amount of brushes, although the visual layout of the program is kind of… dull. They also released the full feature version for free a few months ago - extremely beneficial for anyone trying to make digital art and not sure if they’ll like it yet.
  • Tayasui Sketches - alright, but not better than the former. It’s rather pretty to look at and I’ve done a couple pieces of art on it more casually. I probably wouldn’t buy the full version again, given the opportunity.

For paid, the only app I care about is Procreate. Easily, easily worth the ten bucks. I recently posted a comment about why I like the app so much here, if you’d like a more extensive answer:


I downloaded the app but how do i create characters?


The app is called Procreate, but it isn’t actually like Episode where you can create your own characters. It’s solely a drawing app.

If you like, here is a link to one video that goes over some of the basic tools: Procreate Tutorial for Beginners. There are dozens of other well-made tutorial videos that you can find on YouTube by searching for “procreate tutorial” as well. :slight_smile:

One thing you could do is screenshot a picture of your character and import the picture into Procreate, lower the layer opacity, start a new layer over that bottom layer, and draw on the top one. If not, it’s just getting used to the basics of creating digital art. Tutorials + experimentation is how I’ve learned what I currently know.


I could be wrong but I believe Lady Dianna gets her arts from @/ronggowisnu who is a professional artist.


I use the PC, Paint Tool Sai and Paint.NET.