Art designer neeedd

does anyone have an really good artist designer i know i would have to pay which is fine but like a really good artist designer that is really good please just tell me. ty and where would i be able to see their work.

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:thinking: umm Idk if they are open but you can definitely check here! There is also a list of commission artists,

[A New Complete List Of Everything! PARTIALLY OPEN (:]

Need Cover Art Help - #6 by schittwriter) here is a list I came across to

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If u are looking for commission artist then i know some
@caitlin.epi @BB.Baby @Vi_Episode @KylieJay @Tesbie28


thank you for the tag @bloom.epy <3

if you’re looking for commission my commissions are open :))

You can contact me here or on Instagram @caitlindrewthis

prices + info

You can find my examples here on my thread >> Caitlin’s Art Commissions [OPEN]

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thankyou so much for the tag @bloom.epy :smiley::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

here is my thread, you can look into it for examples and more!!
tesbie art thread you can check my thread :blush:

prices are affordable :sweat_smile: 3$ to 12$ max. (depends on what u want)

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Hi @Kayla_episode1
I’m a artist and designer and my commissions are open!

My prices are super cheap
I could do designing to that is custom outfits,hair, background and anything else you need!

Here’s the link to my info thread!


You can also contact me on IG
Also thank you for the tag @bloom.epy <33

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Thank you for the tag @bloom.epy :black_heart:

Hi! I could help you out with some art :purple_heart:
Here’s my Commissions thread with more info. I also recommend checking out my Instagram to see more of my artworks. I also have a discount going on if you’re entering in Episode’s Digital Dating contest :heartbeat:

Examples *UPDATED*

I also draw males. Examples of them are on my IG.

Price Chart

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Thank you for the tag :heart:

And yes my commissions are open!

Here are my prices!

if you’d like more examples of my work you can check out my insta @might_artworks :heart:

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If u haven’t find maybe u wolud want to c mine as well😊
2eera art shop (paid)

Hey babe I’m open for commissions feel free to message if you didn’t find an artist yet
Prices and examples here