ART: Dogs , Guns & Tigers (Like what episode did with horses)

Add dogs to the portal I know it seems stupid but :slight_smile: It’s as needed as much as horses to be fair it adds more “character” into the story which you can’t to with overlays as they don’t move I’m writing a Police Detective story as you may know police have German shepherds that sniff out drugs and attack people that are targeted
Tigers because I have scenes in 2 story’s of the illegal pet trade and another story where the LI has a pet tiger (he isn’t joe exotic)


Yes!! There’s a detective in my story and I would love for her to have a German Shepherd that can actually move!

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Bump and Support :two_hearts:

But you should change the title to ART: Dogs(Like what episode did with horses) because it might get closed.


support! more animals

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Support!!! Dogs are an extremely important part of our lives. I’d also love to have more than just cutesy pet dogs, street dogs would be nice too <3

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support!! dogs are always their for us & are very important, we need them to move smoothly, instead of using overlays that move all choppy like :((


Duplicate thread @Sydney_H


I added tigers & Guns to the list no I’m not remaking Tiger King in episode but that would be great.


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I don’t mean like overlays I mean like the actual moving character horses image

This is a thread asking for animal avatars

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Sorry about that I’m a bit stupid

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