Art feedback (no pro)


I took my about 3 days to make this and normally I’m not an artist but I was bored when I started it. I thought I might use it as a splash for my story Dreams and Nightmares.
What do you think about it? I know the boys face looks bad but the more I tried to make it better, the worse it got. I’m always scared that I exaggerate the shadows…


Looks soooo great! Keep practicing!!!


It looks awesome !




Thank you!


I love it!!


Oml! It’s so good! Only thing I suggest is maybe try shading a little bit, it’s really not that big of a deal unless you want your characters to look more… real. But other than that it’s really good? Is this your first time digital drawing?




I actually did try it a bit, but I’m always scared that I’m exaggerating…
It’s my second time, the first time was my profile pic.


Wow this is amazing the only thing I would suggest is to shade the face.


Woah it’s really pretty!


You’re so good!


Thanks! I did shade it a bit, but I wasn’t sure if it looks okay




Thank you!


I Know what you mean but if you ever do go overboard then you’ll learn from your mistakes. Also I realized that the lines look like they have white by the lines so make sure you put your coloring before the outline like this
And if you are then my bad :joy: