ART: Feminine features for Males and Vice Versa

It would be great to have more shared features so we we can have women, with broad shoulders but still show her with mascara, her brows done, etc. And it would be nice to have some more features for the female body type that aren’t super feminine.

Features for the Male Body Type that would be great:

  • Angular Slender
  • Deepset Almond
  • Deepset Downturned
  • Female Generic
  • Monolid Defined
  • Round Downturned Wide
  • Arched Thick Styled
  • Arched Natural
  • Arched Thin High
  • Round Soft
  • Heart Soft
  • Diamond
  • Diamond Defined Contour
  • Pointed Downturned
  • Grecian Soft
  • Full Round Flat Top Skin
  • Full Round Pouty

Features for the Female Body Type that would be great:

  • Monolid Slender
  • Narrow Almond Deep Sunken
  • Deepset Heavy Lid
  • Deepset Downturned Lidded
  • Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved
  • Square Jaw Roundcheek Stubble Square Sculpted Cleft Chin
  • Button Wide
  • Bulbous Downturned
  • Hooked Grecian
  • Round Wide
  • Roman Straight Broad
  • Straight Flat
  • Full Heart Large
  • Full Heart Natural
  • Medium Straight Natural

support 100%!

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There’s already a thread for this suggestion