Art for costume party


hi!! in my story im doing a scene with a costume party and one of the options of where to have the party is here:

can anyone change the signs that say “greek games dance-a-thon” to “Spring Costume Party”? Please help ASAP!!


Episode dimaonds can


jesus i keep forgetting to go to that link!!! omg i feel so dumb haha


Yes I can do it!


yes please!! thank you so so much


lol and your welcome


Yeah just give me like 5-10 minutes


I am apart of episode Diamonds you can use this if you would like too I recommend
seeing Madison’s one too



thank you so much!!


Np. credit Episode Diamonds too please.


Unique’s looks more like a sign but here is mine.


I love that!


Thanks, yours are more like a sign tho


Here is a remade one to change the other one !


thnk you so much!!!


i love it!!! thank you both so much for your help


Np. Credit Episode Diamonds,too.
Good Luck writing!