Art for Coverart

Is anyone able to create a Coverart for me featuring my characters? Iโ€™ll 1000% give credit :blush:
Would be appreciated!


I can help please inbox me what you need doing


im sure you could find something on one of these shops! :pleading_face:

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Hey if u still up I can do as well

You can always pm me :smiling_face:

Or visit my art shop

Check here

Hi , Iโ€™m new on Episode & I was looking for somebody to do my cover art page !

ps: Sorry if there is any mistakes, english is not my first language ( Iโ€™m from Quebec, Canada)

Heyy I could help but I donโ€™t do art commissions for free
If you want more details tho DM me on insta: its_gin.stry