Art For My Friend

Hi guys, I’m helping my friend who needs some Art for her story. She needs a Small Cover, Large Cover, Chapter Splash, And Splash With A Person On It

Below is a forum for each one and its details.

Small Cover Details
Edit Details: She needs 2 characters on the small cover. One Male One Female. The male would should have highlights, the female should have black eye shadow, contour & highlights, black nail polish.

Background: Follow Link
Title: Playing With The Lights Off
Author: Celeste W.
Text Color: Black

Female Character:
Skin: Light
Brows: Defined Natural
Hair: Diva Curls/Black
Lips: Full Round/Blush
Nose: Elven
Eye: Upturned Bold/Green
Outfit: Trendy Black Top, Boyfriend Jeans, Black Ankle Booties,

Male Character:
Skin: Light
Brows: Thick Arch
Lips: Classic/Blush
Eyes: Classic Round/Brows
Hair: Short Cropped Hair: Black
Nose: Button
Outfit: Cool Leather Jacket, Ripped Punk Pants, Stitch Boots (Black), Tank Top (White)

Pose For Both: The Guy can be behind the girl with his arms around her, and can the girl wink while doing a shush. Like kinda flirty.

Small Cover Forum
When Will The Small Cover Be Done:
How Would You Like Me To Credit You:
Examples Of My Small Covers:

Large Cover Details

Same Character Details For The Small Cover But Instead I’d like the girl and guy both winking on this background


Text: Can you put Playing With The Lights Off On The Chalkboard in Black Letters, please try to make it black enough allowing the reader too see it lol And have the girl sitting on the desk winking Thank you soo much

Large Cover Forum
How Long Will It Take:
How Should I Credit You:
Examples of My Large Covers:

Chapter Splash Details


Text: Can you make 25 chapters but write the chapter 1 2 3 etc in black letters

How Long Will It Take:
How Would You Like Me To Credit Ya:

Splash With Character On It

Deets: The character is female, please give her contour/highlights
long black nails and black eye-shadow if you can :slight_smile:

Skin: Caramel
Brow: Defined Natural
Nose: Upturned
Eyes: Upturned Feline/Brown
Face: Oval
Lips: Full Round/ Orange Crush
Hair: Beach Wave Hair/Fawn
Outfit: Denim Jacket, Thigh High Boots Black, Small Fishnets, Black Shorts Onesie Bottom, Black Shorts Onesie Top,

Pose: primp


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I can

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Well I’ve updated the way I wanted things I apologize if episode harmony already started on the original things. But yano just fill out the forum thanks so much :blush: @Epy.raven

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I can do it too Alex!

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Yayaya I’m loving this so far! please fill out the forums above for which one!! :blush:

Can I do the chapter splash
Maybe 10-20 min
Just shout out my episode account @Kalizzza

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Examples please :slight_smile:

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When Will The Small Cover Be Done: It can be done by Wednesday max
How Would You Like Me To Credit You: Credit my instagram @QueenMilii_Episode and @EpiisodeBackgrounds

This is the small cover for my story, my sister helped with it. It is the only one in my drive currently, all the rest are on my phone!

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Thats why you see the stupid alley katz, I have one without it too. For some reason my sister is addicted to cats :joy:

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LMAO Do you have any examples of character edits with makeup, contour etc.

Becuz I need the small covers characters to be edited.

no but i can do it really easily no worries!

Alright and which art did you want to do?

You can do the chapter splash tysm :slight_smile:

No worries :slightly_smiling_face:

the small cover but what is the girl’s face shape? It doesn’t say or I didn’t read it well.

Soft Heart, And you can do the small cover tysm!!

Would you like to do the large cover?

Just to be clear you need 25 splashes?