Art for my upcoming story Sly

I’m confused… did you think we worked together? Or do you want one from us, and one from her lol

You can have one for the banner and one for the the front of that makes sense :sweat_smile: can we DM now cause I’m running out of reply’s x @MaliyahArtsy

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I can do the large cover if you want!!!

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oh ok! Sure just dm me, I’m on Instagram right now, haha


can I do the large cover??

sure. You know mine.

@X_Ellie.Marie_X I am on insta rn if u wanna invite me to a dm

@X_Ellie.Marie_X sorry, heh, I cant dm you right now because I am on PC, but if you’d PM me that’d be great!

I have a genuine question? Why are you guys in a group but you only advertise one persons art work??


We actually have more, I just don’t have them on my computer. The owner has them, though!

I could get the owner to get the others!

And since our account is new, we couldn’t post anymore on the group account so I took it up

Ok. I was just curious.

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