Art for new story!

hello !!!

i’m a new author in this community and cannot wait to release my new and first ever story “Aconitum” but of course, before releasing anything, i’m in need of splashes, intro, outro scenes, art scenes and covers!

if you’re an artist please be my guest and leave something down below! i am willing to pay if there are any commissions opens!

please leave examples (and prices if you are commissioned)

also, give me a follow on instagram @/vannessastoriess !!


heyy i pme’d ya

Hi! I have my commisions open :relaxed: Login • Instagram



Commission open
Price if first post

hi, I’m a commissioned artist and if you still need cover or art scenes I would like to help!
this are some of my works so you can have an idea of what I can do

if you are still interested you can dm me for more info :cupid:

Hey, I do free art here’s my shop :slight_smile:

Hi! My commissions are open if you still need an artist :>

Here are examples of my work in different formats:


Small Covers

[I Became a Villaines Cover Remake]

Large Covers

Large Covers


In-Game Logos and Signs

In-Game Logos and Signs