ART for reads ;)

Hi there!
I’m offering my art work for reads of my story :wink:
examples :

I’m taking most of requests, but I’m not doing any scene before I got a screenshot of my story (sorry, but I’ve been fooled so many times now…)
For me it’s about few hours to start, work on and finish one special scene, depends on how many characters are in the scene and on your info.
So for ONE scene I’m asking for 5 reads and your feedback, what you think about my story
(And don’t worry, if you don’t like it and you have your reasons- I’m not gonna say that I won’t do scene for you! With every screenshot - you have your scene without even liking my story, but I do really hope you will:))
So what I need from you for your art scene:

  1. screens of your characters in the right clothing
  2. full name of the background (so I can download it in the right size)
  3. some info about the scene (is you need your characters in right pose- like hugging/kissing etc - google the pics and add it, [important! - google only large pictures!]
  4. important details if you need them!

I’m always asking if I’m not sure about something, so for me email exchange is the easiest,

so all the requests please put on my email:
if you want to check more of my work - check my instagram @raniksa.episode

I’m working full time and I’m not working on scenes 24/7, and as I said, it’s few hours for me to made one scene, ok? So it’s not gonna be ready half an hour after you send me your info. I’ll let you know when your scene will be ready :wink:
I’m taking requests but I’m not starting scene before I receive screenshot from ep 3- sorry if you think it’s not ok…)

Let me know on my email and this is link for my story:

hope we can help each other :wink:


Hey I want to do read for art. Can we continue the conversation in your insta DM? Adding you :slight_smile:

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sure! :slight_smile:

I’m bookmarking this so that I can come back to it when I write a story & need art stories. Your art is fantastic!!!

Hey girl! Love your art​:heart::heart: I need an intro and ending page. I’d love to do an art for Read. DM me if you’re interested and not too busy. No rush!

I’d love to discuss this further on IG. I’m cecewrites.stories :purple_heart:

I’d love to do a read for art! I’ve just followed you on instagram! DM me if you’re interested! You’re so talented :scream: :grin:

An Art for Read is def. worth it! :heart: I hope it still open in the near future I am still writing my 2 stories at the moment and the specific “Perfect Scene” i’m still working on it

Wow reads are so worth this, are you still doing these??

Yeah :wink: email me on

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: