Art For Stories


So a lot of stories have art in them. Either cover art or special scenes with art in the middle of a story. The best ones I’ve seen are from The Teacher and Playing for Keeps. They are very detailed and are spot on, but I have no idea how to find the person, or someone close to that, to do it. Does anyone know where to find someone that can do very detailed and accurate art like that?


Most are made by commission. You can find the artists on Instagram.
But like I said, most do it for a fee or only if your story is of a certain popularity.


Thank you, but how do you find them on Instagram? I understand the fee part, I just don’t know how to find one that I would like


The artist that creates the edits for The Teacher e.t.c is regularly featured on Mette’s Instagram.

If you follow popular authors (e.g. Saige Mercer, S. Langdon, Alex Light, Wynter Sapphire e.t.c) They regularly post fan art made for them and include the edit creators so you can find them that way.


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