Art For Stories!



Hey guys! If you have any art that you made that you are okay with other people use- if they credit you- post it down below! If you made if for someone else and you gave them an edit of their character- or something of their character/ story title- I would not post that here.
Excepting any art! If you want to make something for this thread- that’s fine, but if you could find your personal backgrounds/overlays that you made that you think could help other people- then you can post it here. If I put it in my story- you will get full credit.
Who should we credit to: (Your episode name or episode forums name)
I don’t have Instagram or social media like that- but others will and they might want to give you a shout out or something so: (Instagram name) - this is optional

This is not a place for posting requests/receiving requests. If you are an art group you can direct us to your group/thread- but on this thread I just would like us sharing our art.

Also: I don’t want to share free stock photos or stuff like that in the case that it is copyrighted. So just share any background/overlay you have. (Preferably something that’s not for a specific story- like an art scene of two characters or a picture of a character or a cover- that is probably amazing that you made that- but not many people would be able to use it- and usually you can only use that type of stuff for one story) I would love to see your art!

You guys can also use this thread to talk about art you’ve done! Ok- well, post if you want! I can’t wait to see (and hopefully use) your beautiful art.
If you don’t want people to use it-I advise for you not to put it on this thread- but if you really want to- put it in big bold letters at the top telling people not to use it/ and put your name on it or something.


My insta is : episode_lover1027


Oh cool! People could probably make it into a splash or something for their stories! Thanks for sharing!





That is just some of them all are on my insta you can credit me with my insta if anyone uses them Art_episode is the insta lol


I forgot her :joy::joy:


Wow you are so talented! I might use these!




Need examples



I like the last one with the black and white!


hey could you do to background for me?


This is not a place to request art- but you could pm them instead. :+1::revolving_hearts:




make sure not to post covers on here as we can’t use them for our stories and others might have used them if you have made them for them. I think the art is beautiful- but if you just want to show it make sure to tell us.


Guys, when posting here keep in mind that this is a thread where we help each other by posting art that we can use for each other’s stories- you can just show it- but make sure to tell people so someone doesn’t steal it.
When you post your beautiful backgrounds on here- make sure you are okay with us using them- otherwise tell us not to use them


Also- you can promote yourself on here as long as if you request the art- you pm them. I just don’t want this to turn into a request thread. :revolving_hearts: