Art for two charters female and male

So I need art for my new story and I don’t o ow anyone who can do free art for an male and female couple I can tell you how I kind of want it and I’ll show you the characters and we can go into further details on my Instagram (queenread.episode) if you think you could do dessert for me let me know or u can even say something in the threads down below they r a couple so it have to be romantic I guess if you could do a realistic art for free i’ll give you credit in the episode sorry I forgot to shout you out on Instagram and if you have a story I’ll read it and put it inside my story!!! THANK YOU SM!!! IF U CAN HELP!!! OK hopeless some people who does realistic free art down below bye :wave:

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Srry for my spelling mistakes what time is it

I can do story covers if thats what you’re looking for

they’re not the best but if you send me ur email or something i can send it to u through drive

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Here the email

here’s the link to the doc I found a way to send it sry

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THESE R AMAZING your talented

:smiley: Thank you so much!!! :smiley:

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If you want me to make you one I can talk to you privately?

Okay how can I reach you?

I’ll contact you on a private chat