ART: Grace's Creative Art Shop (CLOSED)

Need help making outfits? Need an edited cover or splash? Want a cute character detail poster? I can do anything edited usually!! I do both Ink and Limelight. I do everything as fast as I can, I am usually online weekly. All you need to do is fill out the information below and I will help you out asap :grin: Thank you for choosing my Art Shop!

XX Grace :blob_hearts::relaxed:

Outfit Info
  1. Ink or Limelight
  2. Boy or Girl
  3. Style: punk, tomboy, girly girl, player, ect.
  4. Anything else you think that I would need to know! :smile:

You do not have to give me what your character looks like because I will reply to you a picture of one of my custom models in the outfit

Cover/Splash Info
  1. Small Cover? Large Cover? or Splash?
  2. Ink or Limelight
  3. Theme/Aesthetic You Want
  4. Title & Author’s Name
  5. Character Designs & Outfits (if you want them on the cover)
  6. Poses of the Character (if you know what pose, I can help if you can’t decide :blush:)
  7. Background
  8. Any other Details You Think I Need
Character Detail Poster Info
  1. Character Details
  2. Background (if you have a specific one or just your favorite color
  3. Outfit
  4. Personality (you don’t have to include this, optional)
A Few Examples-(scroll through the Shop for more!)


Character Banner/Poster:


Tomboy Girl

Casual Girl

Girly Girl

I would appreciate it if you give me credit, but I don’t care if you don’t

I will PM with the finished product or just attach it to this :hugs::blob_hearts:


Can I have an outfit for this charater? He’s a mafia leader and I was wondering if you could make him some work clothes?
Amount: 6

Yea! I totally could, it will take me a bit, but sure!

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Thank you so much! I’m rubbish at creating outfits :joy:

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Is this the type of work uniforms you are referring to? I want to make sure I am getting it right before I continue.

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Could it be more Bad-boy type please?

Yea! No problem!

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I wanted to give you some options, so have fun and I hope you enjoy :grin:


My character is a rich girl but she’s not snobby rich, but she’s girly somedays and tomboy some days so a mix of both. Limelight. And about 6 outfits. Thank you in advance lol!!

Yea I will definitely get started on that😁I’ll get started on it as soon as I can

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Here is I would say a more girly girl outfit that definitely shows she is wealthy, do you like this one?

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Here is a simple outfit, that I think is very cute

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i love those!!

Ok that’s great! Here is a more laidback, school type of look. That still shows that 1) she’s wealthy 2) she’s stylish

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could you do some laid back looks with leggings and the headwraps?

Yea totally!

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Is this the type of style you are looking for?

Yes!! But with jackets and hoodies ya know? lol You`re so good at this i suck with making outfits.

Yea, yea I can totally do that! And thank you :grin: It just takes practice.

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