ART: Grace's Creative Art Shop (Open) :blob_hearts:

I’ll get started on those for you :blush:

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Hey! Here is some details:


That’s literally it. I just want tomboy clothes, like a top and some pants. Thanks in advance!

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No problem, I’ll get on those for ya!

Thank you!

Do you still need these outfits done? I apologize from not getting to you sooner but I had camp recently :grin:

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Yes, I’d still like them. Whenever you can get to it is fine :innocent:.

I’ll get started on those asap for you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Story Style: Limelight
Gender: Girl
Occasion: Town Event
Outfit Style: party/formal outfit.

I want it to be in the color purple or blue


Also please add the musical note tattoo

Thank You,

  1. Limelight
  2. Girl
  3. Style- an outfit for sneaking out at night
  4. Limelight
  5. Girl
  6. Style- Girly Girl outfit

Yep, I will get on those for you! :blush:

Sure thing, I’ll also get working on those!

Sunset Shimmer! Your outfits are done!

Boy Outfits (I did not see that I needed to add the neck collar, so unfortunately these do not have them on, but will look good with them!)

"Girl Outfits


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I’m open if anyone needs help! :blob_hearts:

Hi. These are some of my MC’s outfits in Ink, but I’m having trouble finding something similar in LL. The last pic is her in LL (almost). Can you help?


Yea! I can help you out, do you want those exact outfits?

Thanks! I would be happy with those or something similar! So excited!!!

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Do you think you can whip up some 80s outfits for Limelight, both boys and girls

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Can I get this exact one, please??? The red dress.

Could I have a tomboy outfit for a girl in LL? thank u xoxo

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Yea!! I’ll get started on those for you! I’ll try my best to get those outfits as much like those! :hugs: