Art help- a second opinion πŸ’ž


Hey yall :wave:t2:
So I’ve just recently thought of a weird but good (I think??) idea to do sort of art reviews where u put your art that u feel like somethings off on it on this thread and I can help you out by giving you suggestions to improve your art :revolving_hearts: this thread is by no means for people to slate or make fun of others art it is for helping new artists to learn tips and get a second opinion on their art to help them. ALL of the pointers I give will only be CONTRUCTIVE CRITICISM and NOT personal or said with the intent to hurt anyone :revolving_hearts: and btw IM NOT A PROFESSIONAL ARTIST so the ideas I give will only be from experience :revolving_hearts: yeh I don’t know whether this is a good idea but I’m gonna role with it as I’ve always sometimes felt like I needed a second opinion on some of my works :revolving_hearts:
And btw here’s some of my art so that u can choose whether u actully want to take advice from me :joy::joy::woman_facepalming:t3:


Can you be more talented???!!! Love them!!! How did you create such masterpieces??? :heart_eyes: :heart: :heart_eyes:


Thankyou girl :revolving_hearts: with a lot of practice that’s how :joy::revolving_hearts:


Shook :hushed:


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Omg gurl!
woww ur so talented
teach me ur wisdom lol
please do srsly tho
You’r art is just so perfect :heart:


Thankyou girl :revolving_hearts:


Me too :scream:


They are REALLY Good could you make one for me?


I’m sorry but I don’t take requests but I bet there are a lot of amazing artists that will make you an edit :revolving_hearts:


Ok make sure to say If you do they are AMAZING!


Beautiful :sunglasses::revolving_hearts: