Art help? *Hair&eyes*

so I have been looking on different topics and I’ve seen some people’s most recent/best art and something that catches my attention is the INSANE detail to the hair and how realistic and how the eyes stand out. I’m also a bit dumb so if you guys can let me know what apps/tools and the process you use, that would be appreciated! :cowboy_hat_face:


I use IbisPaint X✨ I have a help thread with a few tutorials if you want to check that out. It’s called Nae’s Help Thread.


I use procreate, and there’s a well, hair brush

Okay so I obv. use ibispaintx (10000% recommended hehe) and I found very few good tutorials ://

But Imma send you the link for hair

And if you find good eye tutorials please let me know!


Are you talking about something like this?

Not specifically but that’s a really cool example!

I would recommend just doing a sh*t-ton of hair and eye studies using references. It’s tedious, but that’s how all those artists you’re talking about got to where they are :blush:

Also this page might help:

I use Krita, bc ibis paint x didn’t work on my computer. It’s pretty detailed though, especially considering it’s free so I’d recommend it.