Art help required

So let’s say someone was practicing by tracing, outlining and colouring limelight characters.
How would you make it seem really like modern and sorta like to someone who doesn’t know episode, they would think it can be used as normal work.

Example of my LL work

To me I don’t see what you mean by “totally normal” since my art style just looks like episode art to me. I don’t like people putting my art up other places since most times they don’t even ask and it makes me uncomfortable so if you wouldn’t mind could you take my examples down? :sparkles: I listed on my art shop where you saw these at that I don’t like people using my work as references to other things. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way :two_hearts:


As for what you want, you can see clothes are not drawn but edited. The first picture is a mix of an edit and a drawing as you can see “the cut” on the males arm. I’d get your character in the positions you want adding and removing limbs to create the wanted pose, then color on top.
Don’t know wether that made sense or not :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Good luck!!


Sorry about that😬.
I’ll put it down right away

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